UNIVOTEC FIT Sem 1 DataBase Analysis & Design Lectures by Mr.P.Uruthiran



All organisations need to store vast amounts of data gathered from both internal and external sources. Stored data must be able to be easily retrieved, aggregated and reported on. Stored data must be updated, deleted and added to. Relational Databases are the most common way of storing data about entities such as people, products, organisations and the transactions that occur between these entities. The most common problem with relational databases is a poor database schema which limits the storage, maintenance, retrieval and performance of the database. This unit focuses on appropriate database design techniques using Entity Relationship Diagrams and Normalization techniques. Students design and build and critically analyse complex databases, then store, maintain and retrieve data using commercial relational database management tools. These skills are required by any persons who will interact with an existing database or will be involved in the design of new data storage and retrieval systems. Students are expected to review their design in the context of current trends as articulated in the academic literature.

Lecture 1 >>>> Download

Lecture 2 >>>> Download

Lecture 3 >>>> Download

Lecture 4 >>>> Download

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