Lecture’s Note For NVQ 5 in ICT Part IV (Software Programming With JAVA)


The NVQ-5 in ICT is a fulltime one year training programme introduced by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission under the initiative of the Government of Sri Lanka.
This training programme will open assured opportunities for students who are seeking job opportunities in the ICT industry in Sri Lanka. The NVQ 5 in ICT is a nationally and internationally recognized qualification which provides both knowledge and skills to its followers to work without experience at the end of the training programme.

There is some notes for NVQ 5 in ICT.

Software Programming With JAVA

Lesson-1-1 Explain the Concept of programming >>>> Download

Lesson-1-2 Data structures and algorithms  >>>> Download

Lesson-1-3 pseudo code >>>> Download

Lesson-1-4 Flowcharts >>>> Download

2. Identify Class  Object >>>> Download

3. Object Oriented Concepts >>>> Download

Lesson-4 GUI >>>> Download

Lesson-5-1 Exception Handling >>>> Download

Lesson-6-1 JDBC >>>> Download

Lesson-6-2 ADO.Net >>>> Download

All Lesson >>>>> Download


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